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St. Francis Drive Corridor Study – Phase A Report

The Study Report has been split up into multiple pdf’s, one for each major section to aid with downloading.

Cover & Table of Contents [2.8Mb in Size]
Executive Summary [0.04Mb in Size]
1. Introduction [3.2Mb in Size]
2. Project Purpose & Need[0.02Mb in Size]
3. Existing Transportation System[1.0Mb in Size]
4. Physical Condition of the Existing Facility [2.7Mb in Size]
5. Land Use Growth & Trends[3.3Mb in Size]
6. Existing & Future Traffic Conditions [2.8Mb in Size]
7. Public Involvement & Agency Coordination [0.03Mb in Size]
8. Establishing Existing Conditions & Constraints [3.7Mb in Size]
9. Introductory Description of Alternatives [1.9Mb in Size]
10. Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives [3.7Mb in Size]
11. Summary of Screening Matrix Evaluations [0.06Mb in Size]
12. Conclusions & Recommendations [0.03Mb in Size]

Appendix A – Rail Runner Correspondence and Traffic Counts [0.5Mb in Size]
Appendix B – Bridge Inspection Reports [0.6Mb in Size]

Appendix C – Traffic Analysis Report
Traffic Analysis Report [45Mb in Size]
Traffic Analysis Report Appendix A thru E [80Mb in Size]
Traffic Analysis Report Appendix F thru J [42Mb In Size]

Appendix D – Subsurface Utility Engineering Plans [44Mb in Size]
Appendix E – Preliminary Conceptual Estimates [0.1Mb in Size]

The graphics contained in the pdf files above have been compressed to keep the size of the files to a minimum.  This may have resulted in the quality of the graphics being less than adequate.  Hi-resolution versions of these graphics can be downloaded below.

Figure2[3.1Mb]        Figure3[0.9Mb]      Figure4[1.0Mb]
Figure6[3.1Mb]        Figure7[0.4Mb]      Figure9[2.1Mb]       
Figure10[1.1Mb]     Figure11[0.8Mb]     Figure12[0.7Mb]
Figure13[5.6Mb]     Figure14[0.1Mb]     Figure15[5.8Mb]
Figure16[5.9Mb]     Figure17[6.5Mb]     Figure19[3.9Mb]
Figure20[6.6Mb]     Figure21[4.1Mb]     Figure22[1.1Mb]
Figure23[1.2Mb]     Figure24[1.9Mb]     Figure25[2.4Mb]
Figure26[1.1Mb]     Figure27[0.9Mb]     Figure28[1.8Mb]
Figure29[1.3Mb]     Figure30[1.8Mb]     Figure31[1.7Mb]
Figure32[1.0Mb]     Figure34[3.7Mb]     Figure35[7.4Mb]
Figure36[7.1Mb]     Figure37[7.4Mb]     Figure38[7.4Mb]
Figure39[7.4Mb]     Figure40[5.6Mb]     Figure41[7.2Mb]
Figure42[7.2Mb]     Figure43[6.5Mb]     Figure44[7.4Mb]
Figure45[6.1Mb]     Figure46[1.0Mb]     Figure47[5.8Mb]
Figure48[5.9Mb]     Figure49[5.9Mb]     Figure50[0.8Mb]
Figure51[0.8Mb]     Figure52[1.0Mb]     Figure53[0.8Mb]
Figure54[8.5Mb]     Figure55[0.1Mb]     Figure56[0.5Mb]
Figure57[3.5Mb]     Figure58[0.6Mb]     Figure59[3.5Mb]
Figure60[6.0Mb]     Figure61[5.9Mb]     Figure62[0.8Mb]
Figure63[0.8Mb]     Figure64[7.1Mb]     Figure65[7.2Mb]
Figure66[7.1Mb]     Figure67[6.4Mb]     Figure68[6.8Mb]
Figure69[7.2Mb]     Figure70[6.5Mb]     Figure71[8.0Mb]
Figure72[8.0Mb]     Figure73[5.6Mb]     Figure74[8.6Mb]
Figure75[0.9Mb]     Figure76[2.8Mb]     Figure77[2.5Mb]


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