Santa Fe MPO, New Mexico


The Santa Fe Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) 2015-2040 serves as an important framework in addressing the transportation needs of the Santa Fe MPO over a 25 year horizon. The current Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2015-2040 was adopted by the MPO Transportation Policy Board in August of 2015.

The approved Santa Fe MTP enables the use of federal funding for a range of transportation network improvements (including roads, bridges, bikeways, and pedestrian facilities), as well as for transit/rail facilities, operations, and program support. Once reviewed and certified by the New Mexico Department of Transportation and the Federal Highways and Transit Administrations, the Santa Fe MTP guides future capital investment to improve all modes of transportation within the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Area.

Federal Law (23 CFR 450.322 and 23 USC 134) requires that the  MTP be updated at least every five-years and provides requirements on the process and content for the plan.

Santa Fe Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2015-2040 – Current Plan

Santa Fe Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2010-2035

Santa Fe Metropolitan Transportaion Plan 2005-2030


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