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Traffic Count Maps

Each year the City of Santa Fe conducts traffic counts on behalf of the Santa Fe MPO.  Approximately 80 to 120 counts are completed each year and a map is produced showing the location of the count and the bi-directional volume recorded.  These volumes reflect the average number of vehicle per day passing the counted location.

Traffic Count Map 2011 [1.5MB in Size]

Traffic Count Map 2008 [1.6MB in Size
Traffic Count Map 2007 [1.6Mb in Size]
Traffic Count Map 2006 [1.5Mb in Size]
Traffic Count Map 2005 [0.3Mb in Size]

The Santa Fe MPO is currently undertaking a review of its traffic count program, which includes a review of the locations to be counted on a regular basis and the method of diseminating the information to the public.

For more information on the traffic count program contact:

Keith Wilson, MPO Senior Planner

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Page Last Updated – June 1st, 2012