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Last updated: 03/20/2020

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

announcing updates to the UPWp

The Santa Fe MPO announced January 27, 2020 to the TCC that the process to write the FFY 2021-2022 Unified Planning Work Program has begun!

…and the crowd went wild.

We hope that the UPWP will be drafted for the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) at their April 20th meeting. 

About the upwp

The purpose of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is to outline multimodal transportation planning activities within a financially constrained budget to be conducted in the Santa Fe MPO planning area for a one or two year period.  The federal definition of a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is “a statement of work identifying the planning priorities and activities to be carried out within a metropolitan planning area. At a minimum, a UPWP includes a description of the planning work and resulting products, who will perform the work, time frames for completing the work, the cost of the work, and the source(s) of funds”(23CFR450.104).

Current Unified Planning Work Program
(FFY 2019-2020)

Past Unified Planning Work Programs

UPWP FFY 2017-2018
For the period October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2018
UPWP FFY 2015-2016
For the period October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2016
UPWP FFY 2012-2014
For the period July 1st, 2012 – September 30th, 2014
UPWP FY 2010-2012
For the period July 1st, 2010 – June 30th, 2012
UPWP FY2009-2010
For the period July 1st, 2009 – June 30th, 2010
MPO Planning Area Map [1.4MB in Size]
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After mapping, projects can be prioritized for funding and implementation. The highest priority projects will be accessible for review with member governments so they can be included into the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). . Based on concentrations of high priority projects, high priority pedestrian improvement zones can be designated to complete improvements by geographic area.