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Current Roadway Functional Classification

The current Roadway Functional Classification was approved in March 2016 by FHWA

Current Roadway Functional Classification Map for the Santa Fe MPO


Following each decennial Census, States are required to review the Functional Classification of its Roadway System and make any necessary changes due to urban boundary changes, addition of new roadways or changes in the function of the roadways.  The Santa Fe MPO is responsible for making recommendations to the New Mexico Department of Transportation for changes within our Planning Area.  The MPO completed the first step in this process in approving an adjustment to the Urbanized Area which was approved by FHWA in 2013.  (Urbanized Area Map)

Functional Classification of Roadways is used to determine eligibility for funding under the Federal-Aid Program.  Federal-Aid eligible roadways include Interstates, Arterials and Collectors (except Rural Minor Collectors).  This is one of the most significant uses of the Functional Classification System from a State and Local planning partner perspective.  Functional Classification is also used in the compilation and reporting of the extent, condition and performance of the Nation’s Roadway System.

Functional Classification Definition: “The process by which streets and highways are grouped into classes, or systems, according to several factors that contribute to the overall importance of a given roadway to a region or area” (Highway Performance Monitoring Field Manual, March 2013)

NMDOT Functional Class Guidance Manual (pdf format)

The MPO worked with a Functional Class Working Group made up of City, County, NMDOT and Tesuque Pueblo Representatives in developing the proposed update to the Roadway Functional Classification System.

The MPO Transportation Policy Board reviewed submitted Public Comment and held a public hearing before approving a recommendation of changes that was submitted to NMDOT who then reviewed the recommendations as part of a statewide system before submitting to FHWA.

FHWA Approved the Roadway Functional Classification of Roadways on March 15, 2016.

2004 Roadway Functional Classification

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After mapping, projects can be prioritized for funding and implementation. The highest priority projects will be accessible for review with member governments so they can be included into the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). . Based on concentrations of high priority projects, high priority pedestrian improvement zones can be designated to complete improvements by geographic area.