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Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s formally ordered in January of 2019 that New Mexico will join the U.S. Climate Alliance. New Mexico is embracing the goals set by the 2015 Paris Agreement, and committed to a climate-conscious future which moves to protect people, natural resources and cultural heritage.



Public transit users take 30% more steps per day than people who rely on cars. They walk 8 minutes more. 

Walking or biking for transportation can help you meet national physical activity recommendations. Research demonstrates that any amount of physical activity has some health benefits, including immediate health benefits.

While every bicyclist on a public roadway has all the rights and duties as the driver of a vehicle, a bicyclist also has the freedom to move back and forth between a roadway and sidewalk, as long as it doesn’t impede on the safety of other road and sidewalk users.

According to Bogotá s Jorge Mauricio Ramos as quoted in  CityLab/The Atlantic, Cicloviá “started as a citizen protest that the city was becoming too car-focused.” Do 1,400,000 people participate every sunday?

… the 800 paths taken by an un-piloted bicycle, documented by researchers as they explore computer learning and balance. 

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Car Free Arizona?

Tempe is going to claim America's first car free neighborhood! They are going to encourage residents of the new development to walk, take the light-rail, bike, and use delivery services instead of being dependent on personal vehicles.

Car Free Manhattan?

So many of the Citizens of New York city already don't want or need a car... when can they, how do they, should they reclaim Manhattan?

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After mapping, projects can be prioritized for funding and implementation. The highest priority projects will be accessible for review with member governments so they can be included into the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). . Based on concentrations of high priority projects, high priority pedestrian improvement zones can be designated to complete improvements by geographic area.