Last updated: 05/15/2019

Richards Avenue Extension – White Paper

As a result of a legislative request the New Mexico Department of Transportation was asked to evaluate the effects of extending Richards Avenue to Cerrillos Road and to NM 599.  The current alignment of Richards Avenue ends north of Rodeao Road at the Arroyo de los Pinos and then begins again just south of Siringo road on the other side of the arroyo.

The possibility of a Richards Avenue extension was also discussed during the I-25 Corridor Study from NM 599 to Old Pecos Trail, as that study evaluated the need and benefit from a possible Richards Avenue interchange with I-25.

Extending Richards Avenue would provide an additional north-south corridor in Santa Fe, particularly if extended across the Santa Fe River to NM 599. If this extension was considered, a likely alignment would be to extend Richards Avenue/Henry Lynch Road across the Santa Fe River and connect it to CR70. From CR70 it would continue on to NM 599. The NM 599 Corridor Study also has considered an interchange at NM 599 and CR 70 that would provide an additional access to NM 599 for Santa Fe.

Richards Ave Extension White Paper  [1.8MB in Size]

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