Santa Fe MPO, New Mexico

About the MPO

Santa Fe was designated a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in 1982 by the federal government when the population of the metropolitan area reached 50,000.  The Santa Fe 2010 Census Urbanized Area Population was 89,284.  The MPO Planning Area covers approximately 25% of Santa Fe County’s land area and includes 80% of its population (Planning Area Population = 116,386, Santa Fe County Population = 144,170) and 90% of its employment.

The purpose of the MPO is to create a forum for transportation decision making in the metropolitan planning area.

The Santa Fe MPO is responsible for:

  • Facilitating cooperation, consistency, and connectivity between all transportation planning efforts within the Santa Fe metropolitan area
  • Promoting a multi-modal, regional transportation system that is safe and energy and fiscally efficient
  • Maximizing community connectivity
  • Serving the mobility needs of all citizens
  • Existing in harmony with the environment

Santa Fe MPO
Planning Area Map


For more information on the Santa Fe MPO see the following MPO 101 Presentation and Committee Training, Orientation and Reference Manual:MPO101COverSlideTrainingManualCover


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