Santa Fe’s Street Stories

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Rose's Story

My husband had taken me to Joseph’s to celebrate my birthday a couple of summers ago. We were in town to explore moving here. I remember I looked out the window and noticed bicyclists whizzing past. I thought, “Oh, this is a town where people get around on bikes!” We moved here and were riding our bikes past Joseph’s and my husband recalled our dinner. He said "now you’re one of those people here who gets around by bike."

Carlos's Story

Streets and the right-of-way have a lot of unused space. Last year, I started spreading tons of native wildflower seeds and, this year, I've been seeing a lot of them blossoming where I walk.

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Sarah's Story

The street in front of my house reminds me of an egg with all of its cracks. There are also patterns of weeds growing inbetween the asphalt.

Melissa's Story

My favorite streets in Santa Fe are the ones that termed "Bike friendly". They have the Sharrows and a side bike lane. I live on Don Gaspar Ave and to me, this is a lovely street. It is only missing curb cuts that would support the large beautfiul trees. I feel sad to see all that stormwaster resource flowing away.

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Jennifer's Story

Guadalupe Street is bustling with stores, restaurants, and well stories....This is my neighborhood and we walk and drive Guadalupe Street daily. I love it and love the historic and growing sense of community in our neighborhood.
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Erick's story

For several years my commute was with my young daughters along Aqua Fria Street, which brought us past a weird castle looking apartment. The Tower house and the fabled Princess awaiting the Prince on the horse to rescue her. Five years later, they still reflect on her fate each time we pass.


My street is narrow, which forces all of us to pass slowly and interact with each other.

Daniel's Story

First, I have to say that our investments in trail infrastructure have changed the community for the better. I ride a bike to work and find the new trails amazing. So many more people out and about. This is what is at the core of community. But I also have been walking a baby with a stroller regularly over the last year and am pretty alarmed about the condition of sidewalks, access, obstructions etc. If people with stroller or people in wheelchairs can't get to the trails, it's like not having them.

Melinda's Story

One beautiful autumn day I grabbed my watercolors and bicycled down the Santa River Walk-Bike Trail. The mountains were glowing, with bits of snow at the top, so I stopped to paint the scene. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. A friend was running along the trail and wanted to buy my painting.

Leah's Story

Once I was biking on the rail-trail and I ran into a girl who had the same bike as me! We stopped and chatted a bit, and when she introduced herself, She said "hi my name is Leah.” That’s my name!

Hannah's Story

The first time I spent the night in Santa Fe was over Christmas. My friends that I was visiting took me caroling up canyon road. I later found out that my future husband was also there, though we didn’t meet that night. Now I always think of possibilities when they string the lights on Canyon.

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Frank Buffalo Hyde

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and visible in-person at the IAIA campus in Santa Fe.

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Ah... the glorious cars

“While crossing today, at Alta Vista and St. Francis with the crossing sign for pedestrians I was challenged by two large pickup trucks who came at speed to the crosswalk, one from the east and one from the west. I was not sure they would stop for me or the woman crossing in the opposite direction. For a moment I stood still and raised both arms. They both stopped. I gestured toward the woman to indicate the driver should look for her. Am I wrong? Do cars Yield to Pedestrians or challenge them? This threatening behavior of drivers is endemic in Santa Fe and more so on these "in town highways" like St. Francis Dr. I cannot comment on the phrase "Glorious cars" of this photo taken at Cerrillos near Zafarano Dr. I am too abashed by the poor driving habits of too many Santa Fe drivers.”
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