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 The Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is generating a pedestrian master plan for the greater Santa Fe area. The Pedestrian Master Plan will outline a vision for existing and future sidewalk connectivity that addresses community desires and needs.


Last fall, 8 public input meetings were held across the MPO Planning Area to collect feedback on improvements needed to make walking a viable transportation option. Additionally, a survey was available and over 800 surveys were completed. The majority of public comments indicated that personal/perceived safety and connectivity are of greatest concern and are the largest barriers preventing people from using walking as a mode of transportation. Improved sidewalks, better connectivity, and more destinations within walking distance are the primary improvements that were identified through the public process. Additional improvements the public would like to see are more comfortable pedestrian facilities, better crosswalks, and better lighting. A summary of the public perceptions and upcoming steps can be accessed below.


If you would like to comment on the Pedestrian Master Plan please email:


The MPO is now working on identifying priority improvement projects, policy recommendations, and implementation guidelines. A public meeting to review the draft master plan will be held in September.


Click to Download the Phase I Summary [PDF File]


Dan Burden/Robert Ping WALC Institute Santa Fe Visit Follow-up

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Click the following link to view the text memo the WALC Institute prepared following their visit

Click the following link to view a video of the Dan Burden/Robert Ping May 14 Presentation at the Convention Center

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