Last updated: 05/15/2019

St. Francis Drive Corridor Study – Phase A Report

The Study Report has been split up into multiple pdf’s, one for each major section to aid with downloading.

The graphics contained in the pdf files above have been compressed to keep the size of the files to a minimum.  This may have resulted in the quality of the graphics being less than adequate.  Hi-resolution versions of these graphics can be downloaded below.

Figure2[3.1Mb]        Figure3[0.9Mb]      Figure4[1.0Mb]
Figure6[3.1Mb]        Figure7[0.4Mb]      Figure9[2.1Mb]
Figure10[1.1Mb]     Figure11[0.8Mb]     Figure12[0.7Mb]
Figure13[5.6Mb]     Figure14[0.1Mb]     Figure15[5.8Mb]
Figure16[5.9Mb]     Figure17[6.5Mb]     Figure19[3.9Mb]
Figure20[6.6Mb]     Figure21[4.1Mb]     Figure22[1.1Mb]
Figure23[1.2Mb]     Figure24[1.9Mb]     Figure25[2.4Mb]
Figure26[1.1Mb]     Figure27[0.9Mb]     Figure28[1.8Mb]
Figure29[1.3Mb]     Figure30[1.8Mb]     Figure31[1.7Mb]
Figure32[1.0Mb]     Figure34[3.7Mb]     Figure35[7.4Mb]
Figure36[7.1Mb]     Figure37[7.4Mb]     Figure38[7.4Mb]
Figure39[7.4Mb]     Figure40[5.6Mb]     Figure41[7.2Mb]
Figure42[7.2Mb]     Figure43[6.5Mb]     Figure44[7.4Mb]
Figure45[6.1Mb]     Figure46[1.0Mb]     Figure47[5.8Mb]
Figure48[5.9Mb]     Figure49[5.9Mb]     Figure50[0.8Mb]
Figure51[0.8Mb]     Figure52[1.0Mb]     Figure53[0.8Mb]
Figure54[8.5Mb]     Figure55[0.1Mb]     Figure56[0.5Mb]
Figure57[3.5Mb]     Figure58[0.6Mb]     Figure59[3.5Mb]
Figure60[6.0Mb]     Figure61[5.9Mb]     Figure62[0.8Mb]
Figure63[0.8Mb]     Figure64[7.1Mb]     Figure65[7.2Mb]
Figure66[7.1Mb]     Figure67[6.4Mb]     Figure68[6.8Mb]
Figure69[7.2Mb]     Figure70[6.5Mb]     Figure71[8.0Mb]
Figure72[8.0Mb]     Figure73[5.6Mb]     Figure74[8.6Mb]
Figure75[0.9Mb]     Figure76[2.8Mb]     Figure77[2.5Mb]


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After mapping, projects can be prioritized for funding and implementation. The highest priority projects will be accessible for review with member governments so they can be included into the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). . Based on concentrations of high priority projects, high priority pedestrian improvement zones can be designated to complete improvements by geographic area.