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Technical Coordinating Committee

The TCC typically meets the fourth Monday of each month.  Additional meetings are scheduled when circumstances dictate.

The next scheduled TCC Meeting is for:  Monday November 26th, 2018 @ 1:30PM – Agenda Pending

** – 2018 TPB and TCC Meeting Schedule – ***

Past –  Agendas and Minutes

The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Transportation Policy Board, with voting representation from Santa Fe County Public Works and Planning /Land Use Departments; City of Santa Fe Public Works (Engineering/Traffic) and Long Range Planning; Santa Fe Trails (Santa Fe Area Transit Service Operator), the North Central Regional Transit District; the Santa Fe Public Schools; Tesuque Pueblo; City/County Regional Planning Authority (RPA) and, the New Mexico Department of Transportation.  The TCC has non-voting advisory staff members from FHWA, FTA, and the Northern Pueblos RPO. 


The main functions of TCC are to ensure coordination among agencies and to develop policy and project recommendations for the MPO Transportation Policy Board.  Other functions are to:

1. Review and recommend amendments/updates to MPO Bylaws, the SFMPO Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), Public Participation Plan (PPP), Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP),Area Studies/Corridor Plans and proposed amendments to adopted plans and programs;

2.  Carry out directives from the Transportation Policy Board;

3.  Provide routine guidance and at least annually report on the adequacy of the urban transportation planning process;

4.  Periodically review the MPO Boundary and make recommendations for revisions; and

5.  Recommend revision of the intergovernmental Joint Powers Agreement for tribal government and any future changes.


Technical Coordinating Committee Members

Chair: Keith Wilson – Transit Division Director Administration and Grants – Santa Fe Trails
[Alternate – Thomas Martinez – Director of Operations & Maintenance]

Vice-Chair: David Quintana – Assistant District Engineer, NMDOT District 5
[Alternate – Stephen Lopez – Technical Support Engineer, NMDOT District 5]

John Romero – Roadway & Trails Engineering Division Director – City of Santa Fe
[Alternate – James Martinez – Engineer Associate]

Greg Smith – Current Planning/Land Use Division Director – City of Santa Fe
[Alternate – Noah Berke – Current Planning Manager]

Penny Ellis-Green – Land Use Department Administrator – Santa Fe County
[Alternate – Paul Kavanuagh – Development Review]

Michael Kelley – Public Works Director – Santa Fe County
[Alternate – Diego Gomez – Transportation Manager]

Brett Clavio – Transportation Planner, Growth Management Department – Santa Fe County
[Alternate – Robert Griego – Planning Division Supervisor]

Erik Aaboe – Business Finance Manager, Public Works Dept – Santa Fe County
[Alternate – Vacant]

Edward Escudero – Transportation Director – Tesuque Pueblo
[Alternate – Charles Dorame, Gov Affairs Liaison]

David Quintana – Assistant District Engineer – New Mexico DOT District 5
[Alternate – Stephen Lopez – Technical Support Engineer]

Anthony Mortillaro – Executive Director – North Central Regional Transit District
[Alternate – Delilah Garcia – Transit Operations and Facilities Manager]



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